When the balmy summer evenings tempt you out onto the terrace or into the garden and the charcoal spreads its red glow, every barbecue fan has a smile on their face. With our variety of barbecue specialities, we would like to invite you on a culinary journey through space and time. As "Queen of Sausages", the bratwurst is the crispy image of the Franconian soul. From the fine Hofer bratwurst, to the medium-coarse barbecue bratwurst and the crisp coarse Franconian bratwurst, all our local bratwurst sausages are finely seasoned with herbs, or marjoram. South of Franconia, we encounter the Cabanossi, which already served physical well-being in the Middle Ages with its strong taste. Our special Cabanossi barbecue varieties, which are gently smoked over beech chippings, are still deliciously juicy after barbecuing and, combined with cheese, ham, paprika, garlic and much more, their incredible aroma is developed.