Franconian Specialities

Franconia is probably the most well-known region for the traditional production of meats that goes back centuries. As an honest people, Franconians always preferred medium coarse to coarse varieties of sausage, in which you can easily see the meat or ham, such as Pressack, in which you can see the quality and processing of the ingredients used at first glance. We have always remained faithful to this Franconian code of ethics and use only the best ingredients from local farms for our Franconian sausage specialities. In addition, savoury seasoning with herbs such as oregano or parsley is a typical hallmark of Franconian sausage culture. Hearty regional specialities include the original Franconian 'Gelbwurst' sausage, the original Franconian 'Stadtwurst' sausage, the spicy red 'Bauernpressack' sausage and the crispy, smoked Franconian bratwurst.