1959Grandfather Willi Munzert starts his own butcher's shop in Schwarzenbach am Wald
1980Hermann Munzert takes over the Gustke butcher's shop with some affiliated branches and founds his own company
1982Hartmut Munzert starts work as an apprentice in the family busines
1989Hartmut Munzert successfully passes his master craftsman's examination to become a master butcher
1990With rising sales, Munzert GmbH is created, with Hermann Munzert as owner and manager
1992Inauguration of the new building in Schwarzenbach an der Saale, where approximately 45 tonnes of meat and sausage products are produced per week. Customers include bulk consumers, distributors and retailers from all over Germany.
1998Continued increase in sales, as well as the lack of EC accreditation for the company, makes a rethink of production necessary
2001The new, modern Munzert business starts production in the industrial area 'Frauenberg II' in Rehau
2002Also affiliated to the business, an industrial sales unit is opened
2005Hermann and Hartmut Munzert introduce self-service products and begin exporting
2010Hermann Munzert goes into retirement and hands over the management to Hartmut Munzert
2010The enterprise successfully gets IFS and BRC certification
2011Increasing quantities of 4,000 tonnes a year makes a further extension of the premises for production, packing and storage necessary
2013QA certification and certification of the mark of quality "Certified quality from Bavaria and Franconia", as well as the "Window To The Region", paves the way to national self-service business for Hartmut Munzert