Family Tradition

Already in the third generation, Hartmut Munzert has committed himself to the production of Franconian sausage specialities. He learned his trade from scratch - as an apprentice in the family business. "Now I am grateful for the fact that my father always cast a particularly watchful eye over my work," sums up the master butcher and father-of-three. Now, he is the one responsible for a critical overview of quality in the company: overall appearance, smell, appearance when cut, consistency and taste must be just as perfect as it used to be when his father was in charge. This personal commitment can be tasted in each of the many variants of sausage and ham which are produced by the Munzerts. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Harmut Munzert even likes to barbecue their bratwurst himself and, when asked about his favourite Munzert meat, it took a while to choose the black ham. He really loves all of their over 150 different sausage, ham and meat specialities.