As a family business with a passion for delicious and authentic sausage specialities, we always want to know exactly what is in our sausages. Therefore, we have been working for many years with suppliers we are confident in and who share our philosophy of a sustainable and respectful way of treating nature, animals and food. For many of our Franconian sausage specialities, we only use pork which has come from Franconian farms, where animals are raised and kept in fair conditions. In terms of herbs and spice mixtures, we also place great importance on natural, full flavour, where possible without flavour enhancers and artificial flavourings. We never use artificial colouring and are proud to be able to allow those with food intolerances to enjoy meat too.

In order to regularly check our comprehensive quality management and have it approved, we undergo an annual audit, which confirms our adherence to QA (Quality Assurance) guidelines (the QA criteria provide transparency regarding fresh food, from production to the store), which are endorsed by International Food Standard IFS and the British Retail Consortium BRC.